About the ACA.
The Affordable Care Act /Obamacare 
The Good News About the ACA:
Before the ACA, healthcare premiums were too expensive for many families to afford. And even if you could afford it, insurance companies would deny coverage to anyone who had a preexisting medical condition, making it near impossible to get coverage if you weren't 100% healthy. Obamacare, officially known as the "Affordable Care Act," changed all of that. Now, by law, healthcare has become much more affordable and universally available. You don't need a high income or perfect health to get insured.
The Bad News About the ACA:
The ACA can be very confusing - the law is over 1,000 pages long!
People have been overloaded with information, some of which has been inaccurate. Some government websites have also been limited in terms of ease of use and plans offered. All of this has made it difficult for people to know their options, shop around, and enroll in the plan that is truly the best fit for their income and coverage needs.
And delaying on getting coverage is not an option.
A big part of the law states that if you do NOT have coverage, you will have to pay a fine, which has increased since last year. The fine is either a) 2.5% of your total income or b) fines for each member of your household ($695 /adult, $347.50/child) with no household limit. Who wants to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars in penalties for not having insurance?
Income and Household Size:
Your annual income, along with the number of people in your household, greatly impacts your insurance rate because this information is used to determine your eligibility for subsidies. Think of subsidies like a credit or a discount that can be applied directly to your monthly premium. If you qualify, the lower the income of your household, the greater amount the subsidy will be!
The companies
Many of the top "A" rated companies are providers with the ACA exchange but many consumers select plans that are not quality products and ultimately have a difficult time seeing a doctor.  
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